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First and Only Private Student Complex

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  • Address:Kamacıoğlu Student Komplex, Eastern Mediterranean University, Dormitories Area, Famagusta, North Cyprus, via Mersin 10 Turkey.
  • Phone:+90 (392) 6309000
  • E-Mail:info@kamaciogluyurt.com

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Kamacıoğlu Student Dorms Services

At Kamacioglu Student Complex, everything is intended for our guests to have a comfortable stay.

  • Card door entry (energy saver),
  • Fire alarm sensors,
  • Uninterruptible power (generator),
  • Technical service,
  • Lift
  • Laundry,
  • Parking,
  • Bicycle park,
  • Satellite TV broadcast,
  • Cleaning services (2 times a week cleaning of the room-once a week change of the sleeping team),
  • Mail-cargo services,
  • 24 hours hot-cold water,
  • 24 hours indoor-outdoor security camera assisted live security system,
  • Kitchen on every floor,
  • Lockable supplies for each room in kitchens,
  • Mini fridge in every room,
  • Bath-wc in every room,
  • Phone in every room,
  • TV in each room,
  • Wi-fi infrastructure at every point of the complex,
  • Maintenance and cleaning of general areas every day of the week.